French Information

We hope this information will help you to have a safe and enjoyable holiday in France

DRIVERS WILL BE BANNED FROM USING EARPIECES at the wheel from July 1. New road safety regulations mean motorists will no longer be able to use their mobile phones with headsets. Drivers who are caught risk a fine and three points off their licence. The measures also apply to motorcycle drivers who are also banned from using ear pieces or wedging their phones inside their helmets, cyclists are also included as the law states that headphones would isolate them or distract them from their environment.

site title THE EUROPEAN EMERGENCY NUMBER - Landline or mobile, the telephone number for help in the event of a emergency is 112 when travelling through or staying in France. It is also used in all 28 countries of the European Union. Remember it and pass it on. Although it has been available since 1991, it is only recognised by one in four of European citizens, and that range appears to be increasing.

BREATHALYSERS - It is obligatory to carry two alcohol testers in your car BUT the Government has decided that there will be no fine. It is believed that they are reviewing the situation as the breathalysers are not accurate.

PEDESTRIAN CROSSINGS - Treat these as you should in the UK, but stop even if the pedestrian is on the pavement. If you are more than 50m from a crossing it is also obligatory to stop and allow a pedestrian to cross the road.

RADAR WARNING - Radar detection on GPS devices is illegal in France. Even if the device is not in active use, police can confiscate it and impose heavy fines on the user. Radar detection can be immobilised.

MEN'S & BOY'S SWIMWEAR - Few if any swimming pools will permit men or boys to wear surfing short style swimwear. They have to wear trunks of the Speedo design, although not necessarily of that manufacture.

WHEN DRIVING IN FRANCE - Drivers are required to carry:-
  • Spare bulbs
  • GB sticker or GB Euroflag number plate
  • Two high visibility jackets
  • Headlamp converters
  • Warning triangle
  • In addition it is recommended that you carry a First Aid kit and a fire extinguisher.

    VEHICLE ACCIDENT REPORT FORM - It is common for European drivers to carry an approved insurance form on which both drivers write their review of the incident. This is used as the basis for the insurance companies to determine liability. Copy of the agreed statement of facts on motor vehicle accident - here. It might be prudent to carry two copies so that each party may keep one for their insurance company, although this is not a mandatory requirement.

    TRAIN TIMETABLE - Trains operate from the local Fontaines-Mercurey station to Dijon Ville at the following times. The Fontaines/Dijon trains go through Chagny where connecting trains to Lyon, and Autun are available. The trains from Dijon/Fontaines go on to Chalon-sur-Saône where buses link to the wider Burgundian area. These are indicative as they can change frequently:-

            Fontaines DijonDijon FontainesFontaines ChalonChalon Fontaines
            07.10 hours07.34 hours06.40 hours06.42 hours
            07.36 hours08.38 hours07.10 hours07.42 hours
            08.11 hours13.34 hours07.36 hours12.42 hours
            09.11 hours17.34 hours08.11 hours16.42 hours
            13.11 hours18.34 hours09.11 hours18.14 hours
            17.10 hours19.10 hours13.11 hours19.18 hours
            18.10 hours12.38 hours17.10 hours
            19.10 hours20.10 hours18.10 hours
            20.08 hours19.10 hours
            22.59 hours20.08 hours
            22.59 hours

        OFFICIAL BANK HOLIDAYS 2015 - Not so important to know now, as most of the large shops are open, except on Christmas Day.

                1 JanuaryNew Year's Day
                6 AprilEaster Monday
                1 MayLabour Day
                8 MayVE Day
                14 MayAscension Day
                25 MayPentecost
                14 JulyBastille Day
                16 AugustAssumption Day
                1 NovemberAll Saints Day (Sunday, so no day off)
                11 NovemberArmistice Day
                25 DecemberChristmas Day