Activities in the Area

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This is just a small selection of the activities and places to visit in the Saône & Loire region

Burgundy is a wealthy region due to its wine, and is a centre of medieval religious faith that produced Romanesque masterpieces at Vezelay, Fontenay and Cluny. The City of Dijon houses the palace of the Dukes of Burgundy. There are paintings and sculptures in the Musée des Beaux Arts. The vineyards of the Côte Chalonnaise, Côte d'Or, the Côte de Beaune and Chablis yield some of the world's most highly-rated wines.

Places of Interest - Châteaux, gardens, museums, and art galleries

1. Grotte d'Azé where Ice-age people lived in the caves.
2. Château de Rochepot is one of the smaller Châteaux and is worth a visit.
3. Hospices de Beaune - Hôtel-Dieu - Medieval hospital famous for its magnificent roof.
4. Musée Nicéphore Niépce named after the man who is universally recognised as having created photography using negatives.
5. Maison Nicéphore Niépce - The house where Nicéphore and his brother Claude, also an inventor, lived.
6. Château de Cormatin has an interesting maze in the garden
7. Château de Couches the home of Marguerite de Bourgogne.
8. City of Mâcon is the capital of Saône et Loire. It has a pleasant riverside walk with many restaurants and bars.

Child & Parent Activities

1. Chagny (9.0km).
2. Saint Jean de Vaux (9.7km).
3. Chalon-sur-Saône (14km), has three pools.
Although towels are provided for the gîte, we ask that you to bring your own towels for swimming.

At the Lac de Laives there is open air swimming and pedalots in the lake.

1. Acrogivry offers treetop activity in a safe environment.
2. Parc des Combes is a theme park with a tourist train, and many enjoyable rides.
3. Laives Aventures has a number of adventure trails through forest and trees.
4. Go-Karting opens every day, and is just six kilometres from la Petite Maison at Champforgeuil. Minimum age 7 years.
5. 1.2.3. Jouons at Champforgeuil, is an indoor play centre for children from 0 to 12 years.


Cycle through the vineyards or beside the canal on the Voir Verte. We have 3 cycles; others can be hired locally.


Touro Parc has a zoo with an amusement park, water activities, and a museum of 30 shops and workshops from the past. The zoo has 800 animals representing 120 different species from all the earth‘s regions.

Five kilometres from us in the village of Mellecey is a donkey centre offering country rambles with donkeys.


From the Village of Digoin take a cruise or pilot your own hired boat along the canal latéral à la Loire, over the river via aquaduct, and into the canal du centre.

Cruise the River Saône on the Delta, a refurbished barge. Operated by two Englishmen, the history of the riverside comes to life. Some longer cruises include a meal.


Viewed from the air, Burgundian chateaux, rivers, towns and countryside are a sight you'll remember long after you have returned home. The hot air balloon was invented by two French brothers. It's an expensive venture; but perfect for an anniversary celebration. You will be collected and returned by car to la Petite Maison.

Tourist circuits of 15, 25, and 40 minutes over the villages of the Chalonnaise, Beaune, and the Côte de Nuits in a helicopter. Based at the Chalon-Champforgeuil airport, it is just 3 kilometres from la Petite Maison.


Not the same as the UK's Eden Centre, this one presents the diversity and richness of the Burgundy countryside through a series of exhibition rooms, before moving out into the parc, which demonstrates the varieties of landscapes - meadow, wetlands, and forest, as well as the gardens of the Department. The centre also has a Planetarium with an hour-long programme.


Golf Public de Chalon sur Saône - This is the closest club to us in Fontaines. It is about 10 miles away, and set in the midst of a rose garden, with specimen trees and specialist iris beds. There is a bar/restaurant beside the clubhouse, at the entrance to the park.

Parc de Loisirs, Saint Nicolas, 71380 Chatenoy en Bresse.
Tel +33 Fax +33

Bourbon-Lancy-Golf, Givallois, 71140, Bourbon-Lancy.
Tel +33 3 85 89 30 60

Golf du Château d'Avoise, 9 rue de Macon, 71210 Montchanin.
Tel +33 3 85 78 19 19 Fax +33 3 85 78 15 16

Golf de Macon la Salle, 71260 La Salle.
Tel +33 3 85 36 09 71

Golf de d'Autun, Le Plan d'Eau du Vallon, 71400, Autun.
Tel +33 3 85 52 64 7

Golf de Beaune, 21200, Levernois.
Tel +33 3 80 24 10 29

Golf Jacques Laffite Dijon, Bois de Norge, 21490, Norge-la-ville.
Tel +33 3 35 71 10

Rock climbing

There are three rock climbing sites within 30km of la Petite Maison.

Wine tasting

There is no difficulty in walking into a wine domaine to taste the wine. It is not unusual to be charged a small fee of around €3 per person unless one purchases three or half a dozen bottles wine. If you would feel easier going with somebody then take an arranged tour, meeting the owners, trying the wines, and discussing the process. If you wish we will book the tours on your behalf; but take look below as to what's on offer.

As far as I know, Burgundy Wines Uncorked are offering a new concept in wine tours based on visiting domaines in the same village, although there is a choice of villages to visit. This has enabled the operator to keep the cost to an acceptable level of €30 per person or €50 for a couple. The tours take up to three hours; but I'll leave you to visit the website and learn more, other than to say the guide will be an excellent English speaker.

There are other tours of longer duration, ranging from half-a-day to three days, where you will visit a variety of domaines in several villages. This, of course, is reflected in the price; but an excellent company is Burgundy Discoveries, which is owned by an English couple.

Food of Burgundy

After wine, food is the other passion of Burgundy. Oeufs en Meurette is a classic starter; snails and frogslegs for the more adventurous, while not forgetting Boeuf Bourguignon as a main course.

In Fontaines there are two restaurants - Hôtel du Nord is in the centre of the village, which provides a large four-course meal with wine for less than €14. Le Gue des Bateliers, by the canal, is a mile from La Petite Maison. In local villages there are excellent restaurants - le Vendangerot at Rully, Guide de Marloux at Mellecey, and the Grenier à Sel at Chagny, which has a magnificent vaulted roof. On the Isle St Laurent in Chalon there is a street of restaurants, with a selction of foods to meet every taste. For lunch Place de Vincent (Cathedral Square), is a popular eating area.

Many of our guests have made suggestions in the Guest Book and we are always happy to make reservations on your behalf.